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Axolotl Dragon Yin Yan by balorkin
Axolotl Dragon Yin Yan
Due to recent events, I decided to upload this here. ^^

A friend just showed me photograph of a tattoo, not on his skin, though and it was this piece of art. 

Hah! I think that never happened to me. a quite charming way of 'art theft' I must say... interesting that someone would want something on their body forever and wouldn't even make an effort to poke the artist about it. but here you go! 2015 it is and I have to say I like the thought someone cherishes my art enough to keep it with them forever.

Should any of you feel like doing this, feel free! Just be good and show me the photos yourself. =) I would love to see it.

and if you feel like tipping the poor soul who created the daydreams on your skin, you can do so via paypal, here: nightmareartstudio[at]


PS: I sell prints of this and also Mugs! :D Just shoot me an email or PM if you're interested. I think I have a T shirt left, as well. ;)
Snakes in the arena colored version
So   aeto liked the sketch for this piece so much, that he decided to upgrade it to a full colored traditional commission. Thanks for that!

This piece was a blast to work on and it took a lot out of me at the same time. I don't think I have ever worked on a piece that had such a complicated & invested background so I was really putting myself into this.

here's the original description of what's supposedly happening there:

"The black snake demon Odon has been summoned into an arena in ancient Rome with an 'unworthy opponent' at first sight. Titus ap Balor, one of my OCs had been percecuted of several 'crimes against the empire' - in his human form. To subdue and kill him, but also to make him change into his suspected demon self to proof his crimes, the emperor has summoned Odon.

Confronted with a matter of life & death, Titus indeed decided to give up his human disguise and fight the other Naga demon...yet he started out with a relevant disadvantage, as he needed to transform himself, first.

Will Odon finish what he started or will he eventually overthink the situation and reach out to the fellow demon, deciding that standing up against the emperor & the crowd together would make for a much more enjoyable endeavor? Not to mention the feast that would follow! ;)"

You might not recognize Titus as I took the chance to give him a complete re-design. I wasn't happy with his colour scheme in the first place and it was too close to Odon's, messing with the composition. So I went for a Red Mountan Boa to steal the basic head shape and pattern of. Such beautiful critters, indeed.

There's some minor symbolism worked into this piece. The emperor and Odon have the same, golden wristbands. On the emperor they look like jewelry on Odon, who is forced to fight in the arena, they look more like shackles. Both characters wield a lot of power (Odon/Emperor) and I think to wield such power puts you in shackles, especially if you're confronted with what to do with such power. I have read Odons backgroundstory and think what he became due to this power isn't far away from the emperor. It all depends on how you use your power, your decisions - which weigh so much heavier. Also, Odon has enough power to overthrow the emperor and turn the tables in this game, he just has to make the respective decision.

How will he decide? 

Also, there are a lot of reds in this painting. 'Purpur' or a crimson red was along with purple, a very royal colour, expensive and hard to get by. So the banners of the empire, the emperor's robe & Odon's pattern as well as Titus shield he uses to protect his head from another blow, as well as the sunscreens are crimson red. The sunscreens cast a shadow on the people they protect from the burning rays of the Italian sun, but they also stand for being unfree. Same goes for the shield.

And finally, Titus' blood is blue. Now that comes from his background as a Sidhe-hybrid, but it came in handy for the color composition of this piece. The only wound, the only blood on the field so far isn't crimson red as the empire's colours. Yet, Titus is of very royal ancestry which is why he's blue-blooded. I think the blue, cold spot casts a nice spotlight on the injury even if you need to look & think twice to realize that it actually IS a wound you're looking at. I think it looks almost calm, cooling, soothing in the middle of this hot and opressed battlefield.

Anyway, if you read up to here, kudos.

I hope you enjoy!

The Langton hot pressed watercolour paper, Watercolours, ballpointpen & acrylic ink. Roughly 20x30cm - 200€ traditional commission.


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A donation appeal for the goal of getting a super-group feature for my beloved Motley Changelings-united. I also would love to be able to donate points as prizes for contests of this group.
I will surely give a lama badge to everyone who donates. ^^ And don't hesitate to look at my print shop, too! I will donate most of the sales volume to the group.

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Hi folks!

I will probably revive my Etsy store and sell some originals. Some originals in my gallery are already marked for sale, so check them out, please, if you might. I have some swag as well that can be ordered from me directly or my Etsy store in the future.

I have planned to dive fully into my personal art project, my webcomic "A Fools Journey" next year. If you are interested in this project and want to support me, keep an eye out for journals and submissions about it as I am about to set up a new website on which you will then be able to make donations to the cause. But for now, Commissions will come first, so if you are planning commissioning me, just watch out for my journals and openings here and on Twitter ( or contact me directly with what you have in mind.

A note on witter: This is hands-down the most immediate way to keep updated on my art, commission status and whereabouts, so I cannot recommend following me there enough. Thanks for considering.

If you want to help in a different way, I would be humbled if you'd help promoting my art business and share my offers on your favorite platform. If you got a commission from me, before, refer me to your friends or comment on my work and let me know what you'd like to see from me in the future. It is all appreciated. I am also available for collabs or whatnot. Every little helps. =)

I tune out for now as it will take some time to update my online presence and go through my waiting list again. Next on the list are my EF customers

krankespapst  krankespapst
- Khirdas
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Alexej Axis
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Anthro and dark artist. Erotic Art Lover. Unseelie. Axolotl Freak. Horse. Demon. Nightmare.

Current Residence: Hell of Eternal Castration, Ruhrpott
Favourite genre of music: Some Noise, some EBM, anything electronic
Favourite photographer: Patrice Chiniara, Dylan Ricci
Favourite cartoon character: General Grievous! Leonardo. Invader ZIM! And Kaoru Nagisa from NGE, and I love Nightcrawler from XMen
Personal Quote: Ich bin nur ein Narr mit dem bescheidenen Wunsch gelesen zu werden.

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